I gave a presentation today to propose my topic for my graduate-level research paper and I was really nervous and I drank caffeine before and took an extra buspirone and I was awkward and stumbled over my words but everyone liked my presentation a lot??? Even my professor didn’t have much criticism to give me??

I’m still confused, I guess they like my topic a lot because it’s original and I get that but everyone thought it was really well put together and I’m like lol I threw this together last night and how do you not see the inconsistencies in my research and all the unaddressed questions

I got myself an internship at my old high school tutoring Pre-Calculus and Calculus students!!!

I love my high school and I’m good friends with a lot of my teachers, especially my Calculus teacher, so this is awesome! It’s amazing what happens if you just ask.

We are writing graduate level research papers in my Honors Rhetoric class and I’ve found a topic that is really interesting to me and I’m actually excited about writing this!!

This is gonna be an awesome thing to put on my resume and to use as a writing sample for grad school!!!